Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Coming Soon...

Since the Chicago Cubs commission was completed, I've been working on something new - or actually - something old. If you've been following my blog since the beginning, you'll remember that I've been toying with creating a magazine/journal. About five years back I did a test version of this called "21: The Illustrated Journal of Outsider Baseball". Since then this idea turned into a few different iterations including the limited edition book and then my magnum opus "The League of Outsider Baseball". 

Well, I still haven't given up on the idea of a quarterly where I can do some longer stories along with book reviews and of course, my original artwork. Whenever work is slow, I tinker around with the journal and now I think I've finally got the format to a point I'm happy with. I still have some more stories to finish, but I am hoping sometime in late August I will have the edition finished and at the printer. I'm looking at about 60 pages so far an I'm really excited about the new stories I've researched - you can't imagine how hard it's has been not to post them as soon as I've finished one! But I've been holding back and keeping them for the journal where they can be seen and read the way the were meant. 

In the meantime, I thought I'd post the cover which features Lou Gehrig back when he was known as the "Babe Ruth of the Ivy League". If you haven't guessed, one of the stories will be about Columbia Lou's single season pitching for Columbia University. It'll be a great yarn, especially since his success on the baseball and football fields contrasted sharply with his campus and academic life. Some of the other stories include "A Tale of Two Mascots" which contrasts the vastly different lives of two mascots for the same team and "Ty Cobb's Brother" which is about, well, Ty Cobb's baseball playing brother.

Stay tuned and don't worry, I have some new stories and illustrations coming in a few days...

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