Get Your Own Custom Card!

Did Uncle Tommy play on a St. Louis Browns farm team in 1935 and you always wanted a card of that? Ever want to have your own card, pitching for the 1922 Baltimore Black Sox? Well, you sure can!

One of the little-known projects I take on are individual custom-made baseball cards done in the same style as The Infinite Baseball Card Set. Many of my clients use them for business or calling cards while others commission me to their whole baseball or softball team which, I'm told, sure as heck beats a dinky plastic trophy at the end of a hard-fought season!

All you need to do is send me a head shot, preferably with a ball cap on, your preferable pose (pitching, standing, batting, etc) and a write-up for the back (you can even throw some stats on there as well (now you have proof you did hit .376 that year) or choose a tobacco card style back with your business information on it - and leave the rest up to me. I will create your own card in the style of my card set and in a week or two you can have something very few folks can say they have - your own baseball card!

The drawing and back of the card, 500 cards all printed just like The Infinite Baseball Card Set and shipped to you is $300. Email me or go HERE if you are interested and we can go over the details. You know you've always wanted your own baseball card!

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