Here are a few of the more than 60 radio shows I was fortunate enough to have been a guest on. At first I was scared and uncomfortable, but after I had a few under my belt I became very at ease with live radio and even looked forward to it as a challenge, not knowing what questions a host would throw at me. I think I had a much easier time than the usual author because with the exception of but one interviewer, I could tell the host had really read my book. Many times the host would tell me before the interview or during a commercial break that they do not always get the chance or want to read the books they get in, but mine was an exception. A few of the radio engineers even told me that the guys in the station were fighting over who got to keep the book! I can't tell you how proud that made me feel inside.

NPR Weekend Edition with Scott Simon
Weekend Edition is the big show every author wants to get on, and I can't tell you how humbled I was to have been a guest. Scott Simon is a big baseball fan and really knows his stuff!

21st Century Radio Hieronimus & Company with Dr. Bob Hieronimus
Dr. Bob has been a pal of mine for over 25 years. No one, and I mean no one, has done more behind the seens to support the history of Negro League Baseball and its former ball players than Dr. Bob and his wife Zoh. This hour and a half interview was like two old friends talking on the phone - which I guess it really was!

The Root and Roots Show with Greg Rasheed 
Greg has a show which I listen to often. Root and Roots blends three of my favorite things in the world - old Rhythm & Blues music, history and baseball. With a combo like that how could this not be a fun interview?

Ron Kaplan's Bookshelf
Ron has the best baseball book review site on the web and posts audio interviews with authors as well. I've known Ron ever since I started my blog back in 2010 and his championing my work since those early days is something I will never forget.

C Dot Show with Trent Rosecrans and Josh Sneed
C. Trent Rosecrans is the beat writer for the Cincinnati Reds and he and comedian Josh Sneed hold court at a local tavern interviewing baseball players, front office personel and authors live on air in front of an audience. This was a really fun show to do and I think that enthusiasm comes through in the broadcast.

NPR It's Only a Game with Bill Littlefield
It's Only A Game is another NPR juggernaut of a show that an author would give his right arm to appear on - luckily I didn't have to do that! Bill and I chat about the famous 1931 pitching duel between Lee Gum Hong and Kenso Nushida.

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