Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In the meantime...

Yeah, I know I've been very behind in adding a new card and story to the site. See, for the past 2 weeks I've been working in South Jersey writing the descriptions for a sports memorabilia auction catalog. It's an interesting job and great people to work with and on top of that, I get to handle and write about some extremely interesting sports memorabilia. How many people can say they've held a real T-206 Honus Wagner card in their hands? Or a a bat last used by a member of the 1924 St. Louis Browns? Anyway, I'm fortunate that the auction house is near where my Grandmother lives so I have been able to spend all my time off with her. I brought the research for 4 or 5 stories with me on my trip but I haven't had the urge to really sit down and write. When I get back to my real life in Kentucky next week I should have some real good stories coming up. Until then, I hope that if you're impatient about reading something you check the list over to the left and click on a player you might not have read about yet. Going back through the past, here are a few of the stories and cards I particularly like:

Farmer Dean: I thought this story was just too good to be true when I stumbled on it, but by God, it is!

Ray White: Ray's family recently wrote to say they like the story so that's reason enough for me.

Tom Lasorda: The Dodgers skipper was one tough character back in the day.

Alabama Pitts: One of my favorite stories so far. Sing Sing, botched robberies and roadhouses...

Sig Jakucki: Perhaps the baddest mutha ever to grace the big leagues.

Chief Tokohama: How McGraw almost integrated the game half a century before Robinson.

Frankie Zak: And what list is complete without the Patron Saint of the Infinite Baseball Card Set?

If anyone else would like to recommend a favorite post that others might enjoy, please do in the comments section below...

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